​Awesome strings…I’ve been playing them forever. They sound big, fat and bend like no other. It’s an awesome feeling when you know that you can really bang the crap out of your guitar without having to worry about snapping a string no matter how crazy you are slammin it, testing the limits with a whammy bar or gnarly bends. The fact that DR strings never let me down says it all. We tune down in D so I use 10’s and 11’s, they work out. Oh, and they taste great! - Alexi Laiho

Inner Planetary Funkmanship - Bootsy Collins

I’ve been playin’ the strings of strength since 1995. I like the way DR Strings feel and react, you can really get a grip on them. They’re great for everything, from big ol’ string bends, to huge whammy bar dives, perfect for blood curdling harmonic screams and just straight out heavy chunky riffin’. They also stay in perfect tune and remain fresh and bright for an amazingly long time. - Dimebag Darrell

The tonal characteristic of these strings is open and clear with shimmering overtone spectrum adding to percussive detail.  On regular bass strings the overtone is slightly stronger than the fundamental.  That makes the note sound an octave higher thanit really is.  On these uniquely designed and constructed strings the fundamental is cleaner, deeper and louder - comparable to the strings of a grand piano.  The tone and expressiveness of the Jonas Hellborg Signature strings has no match.  Welcome to a brand new start in bass guitar sound, from the bottom up. - Jonas Hellborg

Premium Quality Handmade Strings