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HI-BEAM Bass.jpg

HI-BEAM™ - Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings


HI-BEAM™ Bass Strings blend a stainless-steel wrap wire wound on a round core to produce great flexibility and musicality without harsh brightness. Their flexibility makes them easier on fingers and on frets. They are renowned for unusually long life, consistency and string-to-string balance. HI-BEAMS are the string to choose for a bright and solid tone with great punch and ease of playing. 

Pure Blues Bass Strings.jpg

PURE BLUES™ - Quantum Nickel™ Bass Guitar Strings


PURE BLUES™ Bass Strings utilize a Quantum Nickel™ wrap wire, which marries the warm tone of nickel with the brightness and edge of stainless steel for a rich and tonally balanced string that is perfect for players who demand versatility. A round core increases string flexibility to produce an unsurpassed feel. Whether you play fingerstyle, with a pick, or slap, your bass will come alive with a full bottom, colorful mids, and bright articulate highs.

FAT BEAM Bass Strings

FAT-BEAM™ - Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings

FAT-BEAM™ Bass Strings blend the finest American stainless-steel wrap wire on a round core, but are made with a slower and high compression winding process to produce more pronounced mids, bright highs and a super-fat bottom. They produce an overall fuller sound with a solid punch when it’s needed.

LO RIDER Bass Strings.jpg

LO-RIDER™ - Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings

LO-RIDER™ Bass Strings are for players who are into slapping, popping and tapping. With a stainless-steel wrap wire on a hexagonal core, they deliver a combination of high end, depth and a bit of stiffness that makes harmonics very accurate. Great consistency and superior string-to-string balance are hallmarks of all DR strings, but LO-RIDER™ strings provides more depth of tone and are a bit stiffer than HI-BEAMS™.

Nickel LO RIDER Bass Strings.jpg

NICKEL LO-RIDER™ - Nickel Plated Bass Guitar Strings

NICKEL LO-RIDER™ Bass Strings are specifically designed for a softer feel and a traditional warm nickel sound. With nickel-plated steel wound on a hexagonal core wire, NICKEL LO-RIDER™ bass strings have an even, long lasting and loud tone with a strong midrange growl. They are an excellent string for fretless basses and funk.

SUMBEAM Bass Strings.jpg

SUNBEAM™ - Nickel Plated Bass Guitar Strings

SUNBEAMS™ Bass Strings are the next generation of nickel-plated bass strings wound on round core wire. They offer the combination of brightness, warmth and flexibility desired by fretless bass players and those looking for a traditional sound. Their round core construction with nickel-plated steel wrap wire produce warmth, a soft feel and increased response to pickups due to their increased magnetic content.

DR DDT.jpg

DDT™ - Drop Down Tuning Bass Guitar Strings

DDT™ Drop Down Tuning Bass Strings go right into tune and lock in thanks to Accurate Core Technology™ (ACT™), a coated hexagonal core wire that locks the stainless-steel wrap wire in place to increase stability and maintain intonation at any tension. Now you can deliver notes at lower pitch that are clean, clear and in tune. Change tunings and DDT's lock right in and require little to no adjustment between play.

LEGEND Bass Strings.jpg

LEGEND™ - Polished Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings

LEGEND™ Polished Flatwound Bass Strings have long been a jazz, R&B, funk and reggae musical standard due to their warm, mellow tone, rounded low end and a dark and defined thump. The feel of the polished stainless-steel wrap wire is smooth and comfortable under the fingers while the round core wire provides great flexibility.

DRAGON SKIN Bass Strings.jpg

DRAGON SKIN™ - Clear Coated Bass Guitar Strings

DRAGON SKIN™ Bass Strings feature DR’s K3™ clear coating on the stainless-steel wrap wire to prevent dirt and perspiration from reaching the round core wire, preventing corrosion. The proprietary K3™ coating, which is applied to all strings in the set, is ultra-hard and doesn’t dampen vibration like softer coatings do. The strings have more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation than uncoated strings.

LONG NECKS Bass Strings.jpg

LONG NECKS™ - Tapered Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings

LONG NECKS™ Tapered Bass Strings are ideal for contemporary bassists, as well as luthiers, who demand a tapered string to enable modern bass playing techniques. LONG NECKS™ have increased stability in the lower registers which produces excellent clarity and definition. These strings employ a single stainless steel wrap wire around the hexagonal core wire where the string passes over the bridge.

BOOTZILLAS Bass Strings.jpg

BOOTZILLA™ - Clear Coated Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings

BOOTZILLAS™ Bass Strings, the signature strings of the legendary Bootsy Collins, use a unique stainless-steel wrap wire clear coated with DR’s proprietary K3™ coating that extends life by protecting against damaging substances like perspiration, dirt, humidity and hand acids. Wound on a hexagonal core wire, the strings product the distinct “crunchy” tone for which the interplanetary funkmaster is known.

RARE Bass Strings.jpg

RARE™ - Phosphor Bronze Bass Guitar Strings

RARE™ Acoustic Bass Strings are constructed with a phosphor bronze wrap wire wound on a round core, delivering a fatter, louder sound and a deeper bottom. They combine winding techniques developed for DR’s long-lasting HI-BEAM™ bass strings and DR’s rich, full-sustaining RARE™ phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. Acoustic players will find a distinct improvement in tone, depth and sustain.

Red Devils Bass Strings.jpg.webp

RED DEVILS™ Red Colored Bass Strings

RED DEVILS™ Red Colored Bass Strings aren’t for the timid. With round core wires and silver-plated steel wrap wires, their loud and aggressive sound compliments their vibrant color. All strings in the set are coated with a red-colored version of DR’s proprietary K3™coating, which delivers longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, and outstanding clarity and articulation.


Premium Quality Handmade Strings


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