A completely new category of acoustic guitar strings! Designed to combine more power with longer life. Improved pitch retention, and stability.

A bronze string with a new, different and stronger “voice”. Hand-carved arch-tops, dreadnoughts and good steel string acoustic guitars made of rosewood, maple, and mahogany seem to benefit from a distinct improvement in tone, depth, and sustain. Players who want a fatter and louder sound, as well as a deeper bottom will appreciate the tone, sound, and feel.

Musically bright and rich sounding with wonderful sustain and flexibility.

Designed for extra brightness, to cut through the ensemble playing of bluegrass musicians, as well as derive extra clarity from heavily braced, or dull sounding guitars. Great tone with increased longevity.

Designed for acoustic-electric guitars with piezo pick-ups under the bridge or magnetic pick-ups in the soundhole. Full size archtop jazz guitars also respond to “Zebras” with “Richer tones”. Any amplified acoustic comes alive when you put on the Zebra strings.

Premium Quality Handmade Strings