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VERITAS ACOUSTIcC Guitar Strings.jpg

VERITAS™ - Coated Core Acoustic Guitar Strings


VERITAS™ Acoustic Guitar Strings maintain their tone, tuning stability and intonation thanks to our Coated Core Technology™, a process of coating the round core wire, which locks the wrap wire in place and extends string life by protecting the core from corrosion. A phosphor bronze wrap wire delivers a traditionally bright tone and natural feel. All VERITAS™ sets include both standard plain steel AND Xenon Power-Plain™ strings, which have increased output to balance with the wound strings.

RARE ACOUSTIC Guitar Strings.jpg

RARE™ - Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


RARE™ Acoustic Guitar Strings utilize a phosphor bronze wrap wire over a hexagonal high-carbon steel core. The result is warm, bright and balanced tone with an overall fatter and louder sound with a deep bottom end. Acoustic guitars of all types seem to benefit from a distinct improvement in tone, depth, and sustain.

DRAGON Skin Acoustic Guitar Stringsjpg

DRAGON SKIN™ - Clear Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings

DRAGON SKIN™ Acoustic Guitar Strings feature DR’s K3™ clear coating on a phosphor bronze wrap wire to prevent dirt and perspiration from reaching the hexagonal core wire, preventing corrosion. The K3™ coating, which is applied to all strings in the set, is ultra-hard and doesn’t dampen vibration like softer coatings do. The strings have more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation than uncoated strings.

Sunbeam Acoustic Guitar Strings.jpg

SUNBEAM™ - Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

SUNBEAM™ Acoustic Guitar Strings utilize a phosphor bronze wrap wound on a round high-carbon steel core. The use of the round core increases flexibility and produces a long sustain that fades slowly and evenly without any sudden drop-offs. SUNBEAM™ phosphor bronze strings are musically bright and rich sounding.

Hi Beam 80-20 Acoustic Guitar

HI-BEAM™ - 80/20 Brass Acoustic Guitar Strings

HI-BEAM™ Acoustic Guitar Strings feature a hexagonal core wound with an 80/20 bronze wrap wire. They produce exceptional brightness and projection that can be heard clearly in any ensemble, especially bluegrass and other all-acoustic groups. They also enrich and brighten duller sounding guitars or those with heavier bracing.



BLACK BEAUTIES™ colored acoustic guitar strings aren’t just about the sleek and sophisticated look. They feature a phosphor bronze wrap wire on a hex core to maintain brightness and feel. All strings in the set have a jet-black version of DR’s K3™ ultra-hard coating. Players tell us these strings have longer life, more projection, greater clarity, better articulation, and fewer unwanted overtones than uncoated strings. 


Premium Quality Handmade Strings


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