A completely new category of electric guitar strings! Designed to combine more power with longer life. 

Designed to be a great all-around string. They are available in a wide range of gauges. Great for flexibility, for tone, for long life: for Rock, Blues, Heavy metal, Jazz.

A real vintage string. Acclaimed for increased sustain, vintage tone and great low tones for playing rhythm to lead.

Very much like the standard Tite-Fit electrics in feel and flexibility, but are much brighter with similar tone characteristics.

For players looking more for brightness and edge than in the warmth and fatness of the standard Tite-Fits.

Polished Stainless Flat Wound Guitar Strings on Hexagonal Core

DROP OR NOT! Now you can stand and deliver in tune notes at lower pitch that are clean and clear. Change tunings and lock right in. Be surprised how little adjustments you make. DDTs deliver far more than just heavy gauges. Drop with confidence, drop with accuracy. DDTs maintain their intonation at lower tunings far better than any other string we have ever played or heard.

Premium Quality Handmade Strings