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DR ORIGINAL Banjo Strings achieve a new standard of tone, durability and playability. The 5-string set offers 1 wound string and 4 plain steel strings, with the wound string using nickel-plated steel wound over a high-carbon hexagonal core wire.  The entire set is designed for brightness that makes a player stand out in any picking circle.

DR’s CLASSICAL NYLON® Strings feature silver-plated copper windings on Nylon® cores to product punchy bright, and clear trebles and deep and booming bass tones.  They feel and sound soft under the fingers, but brighten significantly with a pick.

RARE™ Mandolin Strings are designed to last longer than typical mandolin strings.  They have a tone that will surprise and please the experienced player. Crisp and warm, DR Rare phosphor mandolin strings stand out whether you are playing in a group or as a featured soloist.

Dragon Skin+™ strings sound huge, are easy to play, and have outstanding endurance.  Dragon Skin+ upgrades both the core and the wrap wires to be exceptionally musical, balanced, and loud.  Accurate Core Technology™ creates grooves on the core to cradle the wrap wire, allowing the strings to ring out to their full potential.

Designed to feel and sound better, Dragon Skin+ is unlike anything out there.

The difference is real.

Play loud, play long and enjoy strumming and picking and hearing all the musical output your ukulele is capable of.  Made for professional and amateur enjoyment.

Premium Quality Handmade Strings


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