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Aloha to DR Strings’ new Multi-Color™ and Moonbeams™ Ukulele Sets

DR Strings says ‘Aloha’ in 2018 with new Multi-Color™ nylon and Moonbeams™ clear fluorocarbon sets for Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukulele.

DR’s Multi-Color™ Ukulele sets feature bright colored nylon strings, with each string being a different color. Part of DR’s COLORPLAY™ line of educational strings to make learning easy and fun, Multi-Color™ Ukulele sets allow beginners to easily work their way around the fretboard, and makes communicating notes and chords easier for teachers.

DR’s new Moonbeams™ Ukulele sets feature the most modern fluorocarbon line available for longer lasting and consistent tuning strings. Both Moonbeams™ and Multi-Color™ sets also feature a handy Ukulele chord chart within the packaging sleeve for easy reference to chords and tuning.

Based in Westwood, New Jersey, DR Strings maintains the highest quality standards and construction methods. Featuring innovative new wire and coating technologies, DR Strings offers an extensive selection of guitar and bass strings for electric, acoustic, and other folk instruments. DR Strings are proudly Made in the USA for over 25 years.

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