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  • Neon™

    Luminescent Color Coated Bass Strings

    Model: NOB5-45

  • Cory Tarallo grew up in Newburgh NY and Moved to California to pursue music. Cory is in the band 8stops7 who was formed in 1996 and signed with Warner Bros. Records/Reprise Records. Two of the songs from their second album In Moderation, “Satisfied”, and “My Would-be Savior”, were featured on the soundtrack of the Sony PlayStation game Street Sk8er 2. “Satisfied” was also featured in the Sony PlayStation 2 game Gran Turismo 3 and on its soundtrack. The video for “Satisfied” was featured on the MTV show 120 Minutes. “Question Everything” was featured on the Friends Again Soundtrack with other artists featured on the Friends NBC sitcom. Apple placed the music video for Question Everything on the Mac OS 9.1 CD, and later included a high-quality mp3 copy of the song to demo the new digital speakers included with the PowerMac G4 Cube. Cory has also played in bands recently with members from Korn, Filter, Fuel, Flyleaf, Device, Anyone, and Live. He has performed/co-wrote 3 songs on the Underworld 4 soundtrack. The song, “Heavy Prey” was the featured song and it came with the special blu-ray set with the video on the DVD. Former bands Include, Trak13, Infinika, and Shotgun Jefferson.

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