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  • Drop-Down Tuning™ DDT™

    Nickel Plated Hexagonal Core with Accurate Core Technology™ Electric Guitar Strings

    Model: DDT-10

  • After deciding piano just wasn’t his thing, Pete picked up guitar in his teens starting first with punk, and 12 bar blues jams, and then quickly moving to rock/metal in the 80’s for more of a challenge. He started playing in bands as soon as he strung his first original song together, and hasn’t looked back since. Taking a small break in the late 90’s, Pete came back strong in 2007 as the guitarist on Rockarma’s “Bring It!”, and moving forward from there (see full discography below), playing for audiences around the US and as far as the UK, sharing the stage with the likes of Vince Neil, Dokken, Tesla, Queensryche, LA Guns, etc.

    Currently Pete is in three active original rock bands:

    FarCry – Lead Guitarist, Founding Member -

    Jaded Past – Lead Guitarist -

    HitnRun – Co-Lead Guitarist -


    Rockarma – Bring It! (Kivel Records, 2007) – Lead Guitar

    FarCry – High Gear (Kivel Records, 2009) – Lead Guitar

    FarCry – Optimism (Kivel Records, 2011) – Lead Guitar

    Liberty ‘n Justice – The Cigar Chronicles (LNJ Records, 2013) – Lead Guitar “Blame it on the Rain”

    Talon – Fourplay (Escape Music, 2015) – Lead Guitar “Love is Like a Drug to Me”

    Tony Mills – Streets of Chance (Battlegod Productions, 2017) – Rhythm Guitar “Weighing Me Down”

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